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"Hours upon hours spent in preparation for a single moment that can change a life." 

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Strength in community

Classical Context is a small registered business fully dependant on our dedicated and outstanding audience members. By turning away company sponsorship, government grants and special membership programs, we ensure that the well being of each and every concert attendant, despite economical background, is of equal importance to us. By operating on a "pay what you can" basis in Scarborough, we enable our audience to voice their approval through their financial support. This unique partnership between performers and audience members keeps Classical Context flexible and responsive to the needs of our community while simultaneously striving for musical excellence. Only at the Canadian music Centre do we sell advance tickets due to the limited seating arrangement and space restrictions.  

When donating, we kindly ask our audience to consider not only the well being of the performers, but also numerous expenses required to maintain a comfortable and professional concert experience. After the performers are taken care of, concert expenses still include: printing costs, advertising, music score purchases, piano tunings, website fees, and refreshments. 


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