Composition I - Learning to Begin


Instructor - Andrew James Clark -


This course provides the basic composition skills needed to compose short, single movement works using the techniques and principles found in self contained seventeenth century classical music. The order in which these concepts are presented is non-negotiable and students must complete each assignment fully before being permitted to move on. An accompanying assignment will be given each week, written for solo instrument. It is strongly recommended that students at least complete up to level 10 RCM harmony before beginning composition lessons. All assignments must be hand written!

Lesson Outline


    Lesson 0: Notation

    Lesson 1: Musical Elements

    Lesson 2: Melody Writing

    Lesson 3: Phrase Structure: Sentences and Periods

    Lesson 4: Accompaniment Figures

    Lesson 5: Theme and Variation

    Lesson 6: Writing for Voice

    Lesson 7: Text Setting

    Lesson 8: Art Song 

    Lesson 9: Duets, Registration and Texture

    Lesson T: Rondeau 

    Lesson E: Rondo and the Re-transition