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Toronto, North York


B.M., M.M. The University of Toronto
Composition and Music Theory 


$25/h Group Lessons 

"Children are educated by what the teacher is

  and not by what he says." - C.G. Jung

Lessons Offered

Individual / Group

In Home / Online

All Theory RCM Levels

Harmony & Analysis


Sight Singing & Musical Skills


Private Lesson - $50

Group Lesson - $25

For years, Andrew James Clark has worked as a professional theory classroom teacher helping students not only find the correct answers, but to also understand how incorrect answers materialize. He is currently providing outstanding private music theory lessons preparing students for RCM and University examinations this year. You can contact Andrew now, or use his online video course to start learning for free on the Classical Context website.


Boasting over a decade of professional teaching experience, Andrew has instructed literally hundreds of children, students, and young people, and has taught the entirety of the Royal Conservatory of Music's theory, harmony and history curriculum in a class room setting several times over both in person, and online.


His students, ranging from absolute beginner to ARCT,  have achieved First Class Honours within the RCM's examination system and have been featured in the Classical Context Concert series. A substantial amount of Andrew's former students are now pursuing full time music studies in post secondary schools such as McGill, The University of Toronto, York University, The University of Western Ontario, McMaster University and Mohawk College.

He has also taught harmony, sight-singing and musical skills as a Teaching Assistant position at the University of Toronto.


"Having trouble with music theory? Understanding basic music concepts (i.e. Tonality, Texture, Dynamics, etc.), then Andrew has you covered. I took MUS101 online with Ryerson and was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of concepts presented with little reinforcement. Andrew helped train my ear to recognize different textures, tempo, tonality among other concepts. He took difficult concepts and broke them down to ensure I was able to comprehend the material. Andrew is very knowledgeable and a great person to work with, I would highly recommend him if you need help with anything related to music."


​ - Ankur J. (2015) ​


Andrew is extremely knowledgeable in his field of study. He helped a great deal with music theory using information from the course as well as his own experience. If you have difficulty understanding a concept he will work effortlessly to ensure you are able to comprehend the material. Overall an outstanding and trustworthy individual. Highly recommend his services for anyone needing help in music.

​ - Marina C. (2016) ​


Andrew is a fantastic teacher! He is patient, understanding and great with kids. I'm very comfortable leaving my God Child with him know that she will learn and have fun at the same time!

- Bridget (2018)

Andrew is my first music teacher in Canada. He is very patient and kind. Even though I can’t speak fluent English, he will do his best to explain knowledge to me. Andrew taught me a lot of music theory and playing skills. Every teacher I met in China, always told me how to do great things on piano but never told why to do them. Andrew explains things in music perfectly and solved many of my problems. I Highly recommend his lesson for anyone needing help on piano and theory.

-  Kyle (2019)

Definitely the most worthwhile extracurricular classes I've taken. I was able to pass the grade 8 and 9 RCM theory exams within a year of starting music because of Andrews classes. He's a good teacher for beginners trying to get a grasp of the fundamentals of music and experienced students hoping to deepen their understanding. I like that he does not waste time and explains things simply so that it's easy to understand. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

- Leo (2020)

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