Composition II - Learning to Continue


Instructor - Andrew James Clark -


This course uses Sonata Form to foster the basic composition skills needed to expand and develop musical ideas into cohesive musical narratives. Acquiring these skills will help students avoid developing a dependancy on sequences, literal repetition, and improvisation as a method to extend their work indefinitely. The course will culminate with the composition of a one movement Sonata.

Course Outline


    Lesson 1: Introduction to String and Woodwind Instruments

    Lesson 2: Rondeau 

    Lesson 3: Developing Variation: Contraction

    Lesson 4: Sonatina

    Lesson 5: Developing Variation: Expansion

    Lesson 6: Rondo

    Lesson 7: Sonata Form: Exposition and Recapitulation

    Lesson 8: Sonata Form: Development

    Lesson 9: Climactic Options in Sonata Form

    Lesson 10: Haydn’s Sonatas

    Lesson 11: Mozart’s Sonatas / Sonata-Rondo

    Lesson 12: The Symphony